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DIY Sewing Table under $70

The weather has turned nasty here in Indiana. No surprise at this time of year, but it has caused a delay in the creation of the new notions storage, since I need to work outside. Instead, I am working inside on a new sewing table.



Bernina 932 Record


The machine is a Bernina 932 record and it weighs a ton. Online, cabinets strong enough to support my Nina Rose are pretty pricey. To get this project done within my limited budget I am using an old computer desk. This desk has a long history in our family, it was originally purchased for my son when he was in elementary school (he’s now in his mid twenties). He used it all through high school and even for his first year of college. So it’s a keeper for this sentimental Mom. I remember how happy I was to get it for such a good price! It was on clearance for around $20 and then as now, I was really keen to stretch the family budget. A few weeks ago it looked like this:

This machine needs a new table!


My goal was to keep the cost of supplies for this DIY Sewing Table under $75 but managed to get everything for just $70. Here’s how it all added up:

Old wooden computer desk.  (These can still be bought on Craigslist for very little if you are patient, sometimes even free if you pick it up) $20 back in the 90’s :))

120 spool thread Rack $25, available from Amazon

Paint: $13 One can of Rustoleum 2X Paint plus primer and 1 can of Rustoleum Automotive Paint & Primer for plastic.

Fabric for Skirt: $7

Wood scraps from the local home improvement store for shims and shelf: $4

Total :$69

Common items from around the house: I also used rolled on one coat of Valspar primer first that was leftover from a previous job. It wasn’t necessary, it just reduced the number of coats needed from the Rustoleum and I used a piece of sandpaper to smooth out the surface as well. I used a bit of glue to shim the shelf that the machine is sitting on.

Tools: The hole was actually cut using a drill and a circular saw. This isn’t the ideal way but I can’t afford to buy a scroll saw right now. If you are lucky enough to own a scroll saw or can borrow one from a friend then you will likely get a much smoother cut than I did! Those are all the tools I used.

To get started, I carefully cleaned the whole desk with plain soap and water to remove any grease or grime. I wiped it down with a damp cloth to remove the soap residue and left it to dry overnight. Once it was all dry I used Valspar primer for glossy surfaces left over from a previous project. This meant that I did not need to sand although I did smooth out some of the rough spots from the circular saw hack job. It proved to be an unnecessary step as the Rustoleum 2X was more than sufficient. To keep the spray paint from making a mess, three drop cloths were hung to create a little painting ‘tent’. Suffice to say, I won’t make that mistake again!  It’s better to wait for good weather and work outside IMHO. 


DIY Sewing Table Under $50

It took two coats of the Rustoleum 2X to get the whole thing ready to go.


Glossy paint makes a slick surface for the fabric to float on.
Glossy paint makes a slick surface for the fabric to float on.

DIY Sewing Table Under $50

Here I have shown a thread rack attached to the side of the table.


And this is how it looks now.

Happy Sewing!


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    1. Thank you so much! The shelf is actually a piece of MDF scrap that I had leftover from another project. The keyboard shelf that came with the desk (it used to be in the same spot) broke – possibly why the desk was such a good price lol! Thanks for the kind comments and your encouraging words :)) Natalie

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