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Beautiful Sewing Room Storage Solution – Spring in a Jar


Creating a great space for sewing, quilting and crafting is about more than just getting organized. Aesthetics count for quite a bit; great spaces are a careful blend of form and function. This apothecary jar is more than just a pretty decorative item. It has two important functions. Firstly, despite all appearances to the contrary, this jar is an essential storage solution. Secondly, although scent cannot be seen, it adds fragrance and ambiance to my sewing space.

You see, this jar is holding a secret. In the middle of the silk flowers is a roll of stabilizer sheets – re-purposed from used dryer sheets. I use these all the time – on buttonholes, decorative stitching (which should always be supported), stitch practice, sewing machine maintenance and tension checks, and as cleaning clothes for dusting around the studio and so on. I needed a handy place to store the sheets and I needed to add some beauty to, what was, a fairly dull space.


Using old dryer sheets just makes sense. It is good for the planet, easy on the budget and most importantly, the idea, which has been around for quite some time, works perfectly. I happened to have a series of candy jars and vases left over from my wedding but any pretty jar or vase can be used for this quick and easy project.

Here is what you will need:

– A jar or vase with at least 6 1/2″ of space at the center,

– old dryer sheets,

– silk flowers,

– Mary Ellen’s Best Pressed Spray,

– a piece of cotton fabric

– a steam iron, and a pressing surface.

Step 1:

springjar3    springjar4

Turn your iron on the the wool setting and while it is warming up, take the old dryer sheets and place them on the pressing surface with the cotton fabric underneath. Then, use your hands to smooth the dryer sheets a little.

Step 2:


Gently mist the dryer sheets with Mary Ellen’s Best Pressed Spray. Since the dryer sheets are very thin, the cotton cloth will absorb the excess spray and prevent build up on your pressing surface.

Step 3:



Press the sheets flat and stack them in a pile.

Step 4:


Use cellophane or plastic wrap to roll the dryer sheets into a neat tube. You can pluck sheets from the center, like pop-up baby wipes.

Step 5:


Trim off the heads of the flowers. Arrange them in the jar, leaving a space in the center for your roll of stabilizer sheets.

Step 6:


Place the jar in a highly visible location. During the cold winter months, leave the lid off and the residual fragrance from the stabilizer sheets will waft gently into your sewing, quilting or crafting space, adding hint of spring to your room.


Happy Sewing!


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