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Fabulous Fabric Finds & Couture Kitty Fun

“Bridal Fabric? What Bridal Fabric?” Lol! I keep fabric stored inside glass cabinets in my sewing room until I am ready to cut it. I walked in to find Goku (aka Couture Kitty) inside a bag of bridal fabric that I had cut for an upcoming video (shameless plug here). He had somehow opened the bag and made himself quite comfortable on the beaded lace and satin stored within.



And he looks so mad that I want him to move! Having a pet around in the sewing room adds joy to everyday!

Okay – on to sewing stuff…

The stash blast is over and I am happy with the simple garments that I was able to whip up during the blast. I am even happier to be back to the attelier style sewing to which I have become accustomed. Having cleared out some space in my sewing room, it was thrilling to discover that Fashion Fabrics Club/Denver Fabrics is having a great sale. Whenever these types of sales occur, I always remind myself of a few key things.

  1. See the fabric for what it could be. Just because the site says it’s for dresses doesn’t mean I have to use it like that. Goods that I might not want for the outer garment work well for linings, accessories and more.
  2. At $1.79 – $10.95  per yard, it’s hard to go wrong.
  3. Stick to natural fibers whenever possible. If the color is off, a bottle of RIT dye can fix it.

Silk organza at 4.95/yard in cream? SOLD! I don’t care if it has a bit of light embroidery, I can still use it for a multitude of things. POLO wool for $10.95? YAY! I thought this piece of velvet, stablilized with interfacing would make a fun bag.

Mulberry Print Stretch Velvet – 8019 | Discount By The Yard | Fashion Fabrics.

This piece of black sateen is supposed to be dressweight but I think it would be nice as a luxe lining. They also have Ralph Lauren linings for around $1.80

Ralph Lauren Lining

Not to be left out, Mood Fabrics has a lovely pure wool gauze from Donna Karan for $7.99 and Hancock Fabrics dropped the price on a stunning piece of Aubergine Wool Boucle by 50% plus my coupon for an additional 15% off. Sigh. Sewing is a lifelong passion and I have accepted that there will always be a pile of fabrics at my house.

Enjoy the sales!


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