Spring Break

We had the privilege of travelling this spring for training and to create some fun new videos. Jordan and I took the long way (very) to training in Miami with Juki by visiting New Orleans first. At each stop along the way we shot video and are editing it into a new Sutura Style series featuring a new format 🙂 The series is called “Sew the Love” and we are super excited to get it ‘in the can’ and up on YouTube.

Here’s an overview of what is on the way.

Sew the Love in New Orleans:

  • Create free standing embroidery pieces made on any sewing machine with a zig-zag stitch.
  • Stitch up a fun and cozy Fleur de Lis throw.

Sew the Love Miami:

  • Learn to up-cycle old flip flops into fresh and comfortable Miami Beach Sandals
  • See Juki’s National Instructor in action on the newest machine from Juki – see the amazing things that can be done on QVP machines!

Sew the Love Orlando:

  • The heat at Disney can be blistering! In this episode we’re sewing some love for Minnie Mouse and her guests with an easy Sunbrella Project

Sew the Love Memphis:

  • We’re sewing the love for music and sports with our Coolest Cooler Tote
  • Visit us in store for a copy of our new Embroidery Guide, created from skills we learned in Memphis!
  • See a tutorial on using the Scan N Cut to create Team Apparel

It’s good the be back and we look forward to sharing the exciting things we learned with Brother and Juki!




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