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It’s National Sewing Month – Enjoy a Free Evening Gown Sewing Lesson at Hancock Fabrics !


It’s that time of year again when I start thinking ahead towards the holidays that are just a couple weeks away. The store is already bustling with busy shoppers gathering up goodies for holiday gifts and purchasing fabric for holiday dresses. My assignment this weekend is to create a beautiful evening gown ensemble using the the corset pattern from Kwik Sew. I’ll create the corselette first and then drape the gown to make the finished product. The fabrics that I have selected are all BFF from Hancock Fabrics. The gown construction will be part of a free sewing lesson this Saturday at Hancock Fabrics, Carmel, Indiana. To reserve a seat please call the store at 317-571-9594.

To make the evening gown  I have selected beaded galloon lace and stretch satin for the corselette and underlining the skirt. The cape will be made from shirred panne velvet using a technique I found in The Best of Threads: Embellishments magazine this summer. The quilted lining, shown above, will help ward off the winter chills.

Finally to complete the ensemble display, I plan to add this black, beaded handle, evening clutch that I made at an in-store lesson for Mother’s Day:

Holiday Beaded Handle Clutch Purse
Holiday Beaded Handle Clutch Purse

Photos of the finished gown and cape will be posted next week!

Happy Sewing!

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Kwik Sew changed their paper

When I first heard the rumor that Kwik Sew patterns would no longer be produced on heavy paper, I quickly went online and ordered 14.


But I was too late. Half my patterns came on good quality heavy paper and the other half came on white tissue paper. I realize that all good things must come to an end and it is truly the end of an era with Kwik Sew. It’s too bad since the whole reason I was willing to pay a premium price for their patterns was because they stood up to heavy use and could be kept for years. I have some that are nearly 20 years old. I guess that makes me not very profitable for McCall’s (they own Kwik Sew, Butterick and Vogue). Since the patterns are made on paper perhaps they want them to wear out quickly so I will buy new ones. But that doesn’t even make sense to me because I usually buy mine at $.99 as I mentioned before. So how much profit can they make out of $.99?


I would have preferred it if they had gone completely the opposite direction. Instead of making their patterns more cheaply, incorporate the heavy paper into the Vogue line as well and charge accordingly. I have a few patterns from Vogue that I should like to use again and again (I am a fan of Claire Schaeffer) but they fall apart so easily. Once I get a good fit with the onion skin I can glue the pattern onto heavy kraft paper but that is time consuming and it makes it harder to store so I don’t bother.


All I know is that when it comes to patternmaking, onion skin belongs on onions.


The pattern on the right is an older pattern printed in two colors on heavy paper. The pattern on the left is printed on tissue in a single color. Maybe they will decrease the price to reflect the lower quality of the product?